Setup #2

In this section, I will post a video and a write up about the advantages and disadvantages of this particular setup. I will explain how this setup will extend flight time or give better slow speed control or be better suited for extreme aerobatics or sunday circle flying. I'll go over different techniques for sport setups and extreme setups, and how this particular setup will help you if you want to achieve X, Y, and Z in your flight experience rather than J, K, and L. I'll also have a spot at the bottom of this page where you can order the package in different varieties so you can choose to buy the prime recommended setup complete with servos, wire extensions, motors, and ESCs, and other recommended hardware, or if you would like to buy only smaller subsets of the recommended setup like just the motor or ESC or servos.

The idea of this is to show different available setups that work and have already been tested and proven and provide video evidence that this setup, when used correctly, will provide the performance you're looking for.

-Tom K.