35% Sukhoi SU-26

This is a scratch-built 2.6 meter class aerobatic kit from a homegrown design by Jim Kitt.  The design file is cut and assembled in Russia, then shipped directly to your door in near Power & Control Ready condition.

Taking advantage of an 18-year development relationship, Jim has partnered with Russian aviation enthusiasts, just like NASA has with the International Space Station project.  This is not quite the level of engineering sophistication as what the U.S. and Russian Aerospace industries have shared over the years, but we feel the relationship has provided something special in RC aviation for the 3D and extreme aerobatic enthusiast.

The first project is modeled after the Sukhoi SU-26.  Sukhoi is a successful Russian-based aircraft manufacturing company that advanced the designs of Russia's participation in International Aerobatic Club competition.

In keeping with several long and successful technical relationships between the two countries, Jim, from the U.S., and his two Russian counterparts, are now in the advanced stages of building a 2.58m (101.67 inch) wingspan aerobatic airplane modeled after the SU-26 flown by Jurgis Kairys, the world-renowned Lithuanian aerobatic pilot, and sporting the authorized colors and logos of his sponsor, Vostok Europe.

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