35% Sukhoi SU-26

This is a scratch-built 2.6 meter class aerobatic kit that is assembled to the power and control ready condition.  All control surface hinges are installed.  The design file if from a Jim Kitt design and is cut and assembled in Russia, not too far from the original Sukhoi Company (JSC).

Taking advantage of an 18-year development relationship, we have partnered with Russian aviation enthusiasts, just like NASA has with the International Space Station project.  This is not quite the level of engineering sophistication as what the U.S. and Russian Aerospace industries have shared over the years, but we feel the relationship has provided something special in RC aviation for the 3D and extreme aerobatic enthusiast, as well as providing a highly competitive platform for flying clean line sequences required in IMAC competition.

The first project is modeled after the Sukhoi SU-26.  Sukhoi is a successful Russian-based aircraft manufacturing company that advanced the designs of Russia's participation in International Aerobatic Club competition. In 2012, Doug Bartlett wrote an article for Sports Aerobatics Magazine, where he said this about the SU-26: "The first thing you notice is that the Sukhoi is a real airplane! The Edge, CAP, Extra—they don’t have the same big-airplane feel. Not the Sukhoi. You can walk all over it, yank on the stick, and throw it around the sky. For a Russian bear it’s tough, fast, and nimble."

So too, this 35% scale replica.  It is built sturdy, strong, and rigid.  The light sheeted foam wing panel design can withstand over 150 lbs placed at its center while suspended by the root and tip.  3mm and 6mm plywood make up the rigid frame, supported by 7mm stringers and longerons.  Yet with a big 7000 Watt power system and a heavy 7000mAh battery capacity, it can still be ready to fly at only 25.5 lbs.  This translates to a light wing loading right around 30 oz/sq ft and an unthinkable wing cube loading under 8.5 oz/cu ft, easily achieving a 2:1 thrust to weight ratio for fast acceleration in extreme aerobatics, and great control and confidence in low and slow 3D maneuvers.

In keeping with several long and successful technical relationships between the two countries, Jim, from the U.S., and his Russian counterparts, are now offering this 2.58m (101.67 inch) wingspan aerobatic airplane.  Buy one in ghost white so you can add any decal design you want, or in a three color base design scheme.  For $80 more, have one modeled after the Russian SU-26 flown by Jurgis Kairys, the world-renowned Lithuanian aerobatic pilot, and sporting the authorized colors and logos of his sponsor, Vostok Europe.

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