102" Sukhoi SU-26

A Purpose Built Electric SU-26 with a Custom Power System for Extreme Aerobatics and 3D Flying

  Stable, Rigid, and Strong

The airframe is designed for strength and rigidity to create a stable and precise performance envelope that is noticed immediately.  With a lower density than common ARFs this size, it delivers more control and confidence.

   More Power-to-Weight

A strong but light airplane is coupled with an advanced and efficient gear reduction unit designed to deliver 22% more thrust and torque with bigger propellers than any available brushless motor of the same weight.

   World-Wide Availability

A U.S. and Russian collaboration in design and manufacturing results in this giant scale 102" Sukhoi SU-26 being available to North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America, at a shipping cost less than $155 USD.

power & control ready

The 102" Sukhoi SU-26 comes to you assembled to the point where drivers and wrenches are all you need to prepare the plane for flight.

Whether you will use the highly efficient transmission power system we recommend, or a Flitework TB100Z, or your own brushless motor, such as a Hacker Q80-6L, Plettenberg 25/8, assembly time is just a matter of how long it takes you to screw on the landing gear, wheels, wings, stabs, and mount your power and control components.

All hinges have been glued and pinned, a removable rudder has been configured, and top quality resin and epoxy has been used, resulting in a strong and rigid airplane.  No going over joints with thin CA is needed.


Stronger but lighter

A strong and rigid airframe begins with using strong and light material with fewer parts that require heavy adhesives.  The design of this plane integrates 6mm plywood, 3 mm plywood, and a composite reinforced balsa and foam ply wing that can withstand over 150 lbs of weigh placed at the wing panel's center spar.

With carbon wing tubes and landing gear frames, a fiberglass cowl, and a light PETG canopy, this 102" airplane comes out of the box ready for your power and control components at under 14.5 pounds (6.5 kg).  The All-Up weight with the recommended setup is under 25.5 pounds (11.6 kg).

Recommended Components

For Optimal Performance & Efficiency


Gear reduction


savox SV-1270TG or
MKS hv777


Platinum pro v4


Xoar 28x12 PJN
Fiala 28x12 E classic

The Process

A combination of light composite reinforced conventional material throughout